Thursday, May 5, 2016

Back To The Future ... ??

I have today concluded an arrangement with Weaver Street Market Co-operative, its worker’s compensation insurance carriers and their attorneys. Part of that arrangement includes my signing a resignation statement. Apparently this is normal. They don’t want wittle Geoffy weturning to work and hurting hisself again.

It’s cool. I knew this would likely happen. But it does end some eleven years of my association with WSM. Eleven years is a bloody long time. Loads of memories. The best will always be the good folks I worked with. And all the wonderful people who shopped with me.

In addition, I look back at the ten years in which I was actively engaged in advocating in favor of worker rights within my co-operative, and I feel very proud. Very moved. It will be for others to say whether or not I achieved anything. But I feel I made a difference. It was an experience I would happily relive many times over again.

I leave this blog. If you ever take the time to read it, I think you will find all the resources you need to carry on the good work of co-operation and worker rights, in WSM or in any other co-operative organization. That was and remains the blog’s primary purpose. Occasionally irritating the WSM corporate office management team was merely a side bonus …

Which brings me to an important point. You all know I have battled. But, at the end of the day, WSM stands as an admirable bulwark against the conventional capitalist corporations that bedevil our main streets. It could be better. That’s why I fought. But it is a lot better than most. Never forget that. I didn’t. And I don’t. And I also do not forget the many, many people who made it so. Even the ones with whom I fought.

I advocated in favor of worker rights. I am no longer a worker with WSM. It is appropriate, therefore, that this will be my last post for this blog, and that it will also represent my last active involvement with WSM affairs. I leave it to others now. I wish you all well. I’ll miss you guys. Onto Pop Voxx