Monday, June 23, 2008

Campaign Finance...??

[An Open Letter to all those lobbyists and fund-raisers who have been asked to resign by the McCain and Obama Presidential Campaigns for being too closely aligned with nasty, capitalist, special interests and corrupt PAC-thingy's...]

"Dear Friends,

You have a home. I'll take it all. Preferably in small bills, in easy-to-carry suitcases, which I will collect each evening from the parking lot behind Dirty South Improv. I'm the one in the dark glasses, the pj's, and wearing the pink carnation in my...well, wearing one.

Yours (in the Rolls Royce),

[A minor homage to George Carlin. RIP. If Bob Hope was the grand-daddy, then George was definitely the grandest daddy and soul-mate of all stand-up comedians.]

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