Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Over-zealous Sustainability?

So, my sister will be (humanely) putting down the rooster this evening, for little too attentive to his duties of sustainability through procreation...

Apparently, the hens are getting stressed from all the 'attention,' and are laying less eggs as a consequence.

There are 16 hens, and Foghorn has been 'visiting' each one, each day, religiously for...well...yonks! Forget Viagra. Distill this baby's life essence, I say!

But seriously, feathers have been pulled out, necks are being bitten, and one hen almost lost an eye.

So, enough is enough. And the only thing Foghorn will be 'sustaining' after today is this Sunday's family meal.

My sister, by the way, is probably already known to a bunch of you. She's Liz Gilson-Aaron, and is apparently regarded as one of our most-organized shoppers - in both Carrboro and Hillsborough (along with having the same English accent)!

Her husband, Paul Aaron, is a well-known local poet and political activist, who has been shopping at "The Weave" almost since it first opened.

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