Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes Weave Can @ Online Forum

The overriding theme at the 2008 Annual Meeting of Owners of Weaver Street Market, held last Sunday (October 19), was the creation of more ‘vehicles’ to allow Owners and Workers to be heard by their Board and by senior management.

Funny you should all mention that…!

One of our more active Consumer-Owners, Jamie Bort, and his wife, Sarah Kahn, have spent the past couple of months putting together the basis for an Online Forum for Weaver Street. I’ve been helping.

You can see the bare bones right here.

What is needed now is for the WSM Board formally to adopt this Online Forum as an official communications vehicle for the Owners and Workers of WSM.

Once again, look what can be achieved by a couple of committed ‘outsiders,’ who understand the desire of other Owners to be more involved, and better informed about their co-op.

Imagine what could be achieved if one of them was on the Board, helping to make these desires a reality…

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