Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Your Vote Didn't Make A Difference

There are 98 Worker-Owners in Weaver Street Market Co-operative. Here are the approximate numbers for each unit, with the number of people who voted in the first bracket, and the percentage turnout by unit in the second bracket:

Southern Village Store - 10 (7) (70%)

Hillsborough Store - 12 (7) (58.33%)

Food House/Corporate Office - 45 (29) (64.40%)

Carrboro Store/Panzanella - 31 (13) (41.93%)

Curt Brinkmeyer won the Election, and my congratulations go to him. He will have a difficult year ahead of him, and he deserves all our support. The votes were:

Curt - 34

Geoff - 17

Last year, a total of 62 worker-Owners voted. This year, a total of 56 voted.

I will always be grateful for those who voted for me. Seventeen votes is still a substantial statement in a corporate-dominated elections system. We should all be proud of the expression we gave to those without their own voice.