Monday, November 8, 2010

Restoring Sanity in the Weaver Street Market Co-operative

On the subject of restive electorates and votes of no confidence, it is interesting to note that, in the past three annual Elections for a Weaver Street Consumer-Owner Director, the incumbent (or former incumbent) has been defeated by a challenger.

What would the national press say if the US suffered three one-term Presidencies in a row?

At the same time, the past four annual elections for a Weaver Street Worker-Owner Director have seen the protest vote against the Corporate Candidate increase in percentage terms each and every year.

In any other electoral environment, such a rejection of prevailing governance philosophy and operational execution would have objective observers screaming for change -- and those in power scrambling to oblige.

But not in Weaver Street, where nothing changes.

Which is why I am now trying to do my bit by attempting to widen the base of advocacy among workers by encouraging the formation of a Workers' Committee, and by seeking a reduction in the cost of Worker-Ownership from $500 to $100.

But this should not be my challenge alone. If you are a worker or consumer interested in responsive governance and operations in your Weaver Street co-op, then get involved. Find a way.

Forget Washington for just a moment. Let's find a way to 'Restore Sanity' in our own co-op ...