Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steve Bos -- RIP

When all the shelf-stocking, cash-balancing, dish-washing, whining and whingeing is over, Weaver Street Market Co-operative is, at the end of the day, even on its very worst day, a very large, very close and very dysfunctional family.

And today, one of our family is dead.

I did not know Steve as well as I would have liked. We shared the same group of friends who go to the beach every year. And we stood in the same WSM Board Election, back in 2010.

What I learned then was that Steve was a gentleman. In every sense of the word. Especially in the sense that my mother meant it: he was a gentle man.

I have this overwhelming feeling that, as gentle as he was, Steve would not want us to remember him with sadness. But with a smile on his lips. For in that moment, we gave him pleasure.

God speed, Steve, and a safe journey home.