Monday, June 11, 2012

Weaver Street Market Wins 'Dirty Old Man' Award

Yippee! Weaver Street Market just won Best of Category in the 2012 Annual Indy 'Best Of' Awards!

Our food, you're thinking? No. Best cheese? Nope. Best wine selection? Uh uh. Best co-op? Ha!

Organic? Local? Sustainable? Nope, no, not a chance. Best employer? Never. Prettiest Recycling Bin?? Nice try!!

Nah. None of these. We won: 'Best Place For People Watching.' Again. Cue sound of water droplet hitting bottom of 100 foot well.

But. We did manage to beat out Carrboro Commune, Hillsborough State Detention Facility, Dairy Queen, and that funky park bench opposite the Varsity Theater, in Downtown Chapel Hill.


You know what? Sod it. I'll take it! Where do I sign up, and get my year's free supply of Adam and Eve, BOGO, flavored gel coupons ... ??