Monday, September 10, 2012

Employee Policy Feedback Available

My fellow Weaver Street Market Co-operative co-workers will remember that a few weeks ago we were invited to offer feedback on some proposed changes to WSM Employee Policy.

The most intrusive proposed change was that relating to Social Media Policy, where (in short) the WSM corporate office management team wanted to introduce a new policy which basically said any and all output by employees online would be judged as part of their work performance.

In a twist of irony, I'm not going to share the details of our rather pithy response. Not because it reflects the proposed new policy. Ptooey! But because my fellow workers offered their views in private. And I respect that.

So. Fellow employees, you can find the feedback on your break room computers. When the page opens up at the beginning, go to the "HR & Training" tab at the top, click on it, look up at the top left, and voila, feedback on Employee Policy changes.

I can share this much. The overwhelming feedback from workers on the proposed new Social Media Policy was essentially, um: "Go f**k yourselves! When I'm off-the-clock, out of the store, and on my own time, I can do what I like. Aren't we supposed to be a co-op ... ??"

Of course, feedback which overwhelming rejects a proposed change in policy of our co-op does not necessarily mean that the proposed change will be rejected, notwithstanding our co-op's stated commitment to democracy and transparency.

Our General Manager's view of 'One Man (or Woman), One Vote' is that he has the only vote ...