Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weave: Who Says It's A Grave State Of Affairs ??

I think I must be on new meds. For the second time in a row, I have only pleasant things to say!

Much of the latest feedback from consumers and workers on the purported Four Goals of
the 2020 Vision of Weaver Street Market Co-operative dealt with a desire to see the co-op help customers to be more discerning about buying local and organic by providing more info at the point of sale.

Lo and behold, we will be producing new tags in the immediate future which will give just that information. Thank you everyone in Merchandising and Marketing!

Next up, the Mayor of Carrboro just recently addressed a gathering somewhere in the Midwest (ok, I pay as much attention as I can!) on the subject of healthy living helping economic performance.

Well, I was thinking to myself, is that the job of government to impose or employers and the like to encourage? Lo and behold, the WSM Human Resources Department announce they will shortly be starting new Health and Wellness Programs to support we employees in understanding and implementing a more healthy lifestyle.

Leave aside that the fact that this may all be wasted on so-what's-wrong-with-a-tub-of-chocolate-ice-cream-at-midnight? Geoff. The point is the thought is right. Thank you Human Resources.

As to the picture accompanying all this good news. Since I wasn't complaining, I thought I'd just have some fun. So, it's basically Dr. Who at Halloween - with a few extras thrown in ...