Friday, February 8, 2013

POP VOX [Geoff Gilson] Mid-Winter Beach Party/Gig

It's cold. We need a Beach Party/Gig. Why not at The Cave. On Thursday, February 28, 2013. With my special brand of ageless, interactive Beach Pop?

We had enormous fun last time - thanks to the fifty or so of you who turned up and had a ball!

Wanna know what POP VOX is all about? Have a quick browse of the event details from last July. Oh, and POP VOX is me, Geoff Gilson. Why not listen to a few tunes on my web-site:

I will start my set at 11.00pm. And sigh. That means 11.00pm sharp! A lot of you mentioned that you were unable to attend the last gig, 'cos (like me) you work late. So. This time, we have a late date!!

Best way to stay warm in the winter is to sing along and dance - furiously. All of which is encouraged (cf. cattle-prod). Not least by the join-in-friendly choruses. And the learn-it-as-you-go dance instruction!

Now, I know there is a UNC -v- Clemson Men's Basketball Game on at 7.00pm. In Clemson. But it will be over well before 11.00pm. You'll be in town anyway. More than enough time to pop over, blow off some steam, and boogie with us on the Beach!

Loads of parking available, in the two free municipal parking lots, immediately opposite on the other side of Franklin Street.

Oh. And please feel free to invite as many friends as you like. As I say, the music and the fun are ageless (and free!). Ask anyone who was there last time ... !!