Friday, October 25, 2013

Panzanella - Told You So ...

Well. One of the regular contributors on OrangePolitics, the self-styled 'progressive' multi-author blog/forum of Orange County, NC, is complaining long and hard about the announcement this week that Panzanella, Weaver Street Market Co-op's local food restaurant, will be closing at the end of the year.

Now. Don't get me wrong. I agree with almost everything that the gentlemen in question (who prefers to remain semi-anonymous, as 'Patrick M.') says. It's just that I've had dealings with 'Patrick M.' before. On the same blog.

He whines at length about how he is just so let down because he can not fathom why a supposedly progressive institution, in such a strongly progressive region, could possibly have the sort of Soviet-style decision-making process (um, my words), where a small self-appointed clique act as if they know best who and what we want.


This would be the same 'Patrick M.' who took me to task when I complained that just such a Soviet-style of 'democracy' exists in practically every primary democratic institution in Carrboro, NC. From the community radio station, to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. And including WSM.

Anyways. Leaving all that on one side. He asked some questions. And challenged the Board of WSM. I took the time to answer his questions. And to wish him good luck in getting any response to his challenge.

Bottom line? Community-owned only works when it also means community-controlled. Progressive democracy means the people decide, not just a select few. And? The white collars only complain when they find they are not one of the select few ...

[Oh. The usual. My views. Not those of the Central Committee ... ]