Monday, April 28, 2014

New Web-Site A-Coming

Well. I learn that there is a new web-site in the works. Yay. Lots going on. Need to communicate about it. Yay. Might be some blogs. Yay. Bit of an argument about whether there will be full commentary allowed in connection with said blogs. Huh? Any chance of an online forum? Er. What about ...

Hang on, hang on. Forget what I think. What I might want. What is even more important than that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? C'mon. All together. Are we owners and workers going to be given an opportunity to provide input on the web-site design, interactivity and content?

And so. You guessed it:

"Hey Ruffin,

[Little intro] ... One of the things I think is of paramount importance (once again!) is that owners, consumers and employees have an opportunity to be included in the decision-making process that designs the finished product [the web-site]. I'm wondering if there are plans to allow us to see the beta site, its content and to comment on both before final decisions are made?

All the best,

Alright. Now I'll do some commenting. I get that the folks in the WSM corporate office management team might well want this web-site up and running in time for the Annual Meeting. But that should not preclude owners and workers being involved in commenting on the design.

Now, maybe this is already in the works, In which case, yippee. We'll see.

My only other comment is that I would love to see an online forum. We were discussing this back in 2008. At the very least, I hope there will be full commentary and immediate feedback permitted on the blogs. Otherwise, what's the point? We just end up with yet more one-way communication.