Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Universe, My Book And British National Security

There is an article in this morning's London 'Independent' newspaper with the headline: "Northern Ireland authorities refuse to reveal details of paedophile with links to former government adviser on national security grounds".

The article underscores how the connections between the evolving revelations about high-level corruption within the British body politic are increasingly complex, and yet rendered tremendously simple if you read my book.

The article confirms how the corruption of British Intelligence began in the Eighties. When it simply decided that its primary function was not the protection of the state, but rather its subversion. So as to make money. Through activities like arms dealing and hiring itself out as America's surrogate covert operations executive. And how this corruption began in Northern Ireland.

The article further underlines how this corruption then spread to the British mainland through a series of interlinking high-level networks. How it infiltrated the entirety of the British establishment. Turning the City of London into a money-laundering center. And a succession of British governments into glorified gun-runners.

[And by the way, three paragraphs in a row beginning 'The article.' Clearly my writing skills are improving ... ]

Folks have wondered why there are reports of British Intelligence wanting to cover up revelations about high-level pedophile rings. The answer, in my opinion, is not so much the pedophile activity itself, but rather that the networks are so inter-connected that exposure of one will lead to the uncovering of the others.

I am not surprised to read that 'the authorities' are refusing to talk about pedophile activity on the grounds of 'national security.' With respect to my own investigation into the mysterious death of my friend Hugh Simmonds, I came up against a similar dichotomy.

On the one hand, the police, the Law Society and the government swore up hill and down dale that Hugh was just a simple failed lawyer, failed politician and failed businessman, who got greedy, got caught and took the easy way out.

And yet, two British Prime Ministers, through their Principal Private Secretaries, on no less than five occasions, specifically refused to talk about Hugh's activities on the grounds of national security - see above pic.

The universe is a funny old thing. And tragic as well. It has taken me 27 years of hard slog, dangerous face-to-face encounters and painstaking research to put together the seemingly simple explanation of tragic and complex interactions described in this small post.

And then, at the very moment I am about to be published, the dam bursts, and revelations aplenty appear left, right and center, underpinning the central claims of my book.

A former Home Office Minister in Great Britain takes up the cause. And introduces me to one of the award-winning journalists who first broke the story about historic establishment child abuse in the UK, and who is now planning to write an article about my book for a national UK newspaper.

Score one for justice. And two for the universe. Huh. That''s it really. One big, fat huh ...