Thursday, September 17, 2015

Voting In WSM Board Elections 2015

Just a reminder that voting for both the WSM Worker-Owner Board Director and the WSM Consumer-Owner Director began yesterday (Wednesday, September 16). AND. Please note. Only continues for two weeks. So. Please vote ASAP.

Please also take note of this. A heartfelt plea. Some of us worked really hard to make it easier for employees to become worker-owners. So that as many employees as possible could vote to make a difference in the co-op we all love.

The work paid off. In the year after it was finally made easier (after five years of campaigning), in 2012, worker-ownership more than doubled from 99 to 220 (out of a total workforce of about 250).

So what? Well, all those people who say voting achieves nothing are now wrong. Before 2012, the management bloc vote overrode anything ordinary employees did or anyone we voted for. Not now. If we all bother to vote.

We can elect whoever of the three candidates we want. If we elect someone who truly represents employees, and not the management line, we will have one worker-friendly Director out of seven on the Board.

If we do it again next year, we will have two. At which point, the two Consumer-Owner Directors and the two appointed Directors will take note, start to listen, and we will have the necessary majority of four on the Board.

And that is when management have to start listening to what workers want. In the co-op we are told we half-own. BUT. You have to vote!