Sunday, November 2, 2008

Board Election 2008

Democracy has spoken. And I congratulate Jacob on his victory in the Election for a Worker-Owner Director.

The voting figures were:

Jacob Myers - 42

Geoff Gilson - 20

I am truly delighted that we managed to increase the number of Worker-Owners who chose to vote this year, as compared with last year.

I thank all of you who voted for me - and everyone who took part in the democratic process. It is that democratic process that sets us apart from conventional capitalist corporations.

Every single vote cast is a statement. And I know that Jacob will ensure that the voice of every Worker-Owner - and every Worker - is heard on the Board.

I would like also to thank all those on the WSM Elections Task Force, the WSM Elections Oversight Committee, and everyone in the Marketing Department, all of whom worked so hard on this Election.

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