Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Song of Solidarity (Red, White and Blue)

I became tired of tax-cutters and warmongers claiming to themselves alone the mantle of patriot.

All of we ordinary Americans, who sweat and bleed and toil and care, all of us who keep our country running, while others try to run it down and destroy the safety net, we are the true patriots.

So, I was inspired to write a socially-acceptable patriotic song, for ordinary working Americans. Not an angry, mean-hearted, selfish song. But a warm and generous social anthem for all of us.

The recorded version is on MySpaceMusic here.

Now, I'm no Bruce Springsteen. But the song is not about me. It is about those who are most at risk in our country.

Ignore the singer. Listen to the song. Sing it. Share it. But most of all, spread the word, so that all ordinary Americans may know that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in these trying times.

The blog for the song is here.

I set out the lyrics below.

Oh. And why am I posting this song on my Weaver Street Market Co-op blog? Hmm. I think Weavers can work that one out for themselves ... !!

"From the factories to the farmyards

Where we work and till the soil

We keep our country running

With our backbone and our toil

From the mountains of Montana

To the Gulf shore, with its oil

We sweat and grind and break our backs

And risk health beyond call

We're not corporations

Making wealth for the few

We are the whole nation

The Red, White and Blue

We're not about money

We want justice too

It's not just the rich

It's you and me too

We're the Red, White and Blue

It's not a sin to offer

A helping hand to those

Who can not make both ends meet

Through sweat and tears alone

There is no faith nor charity

In claiming liberty

And being mean and selfish

To deny equality

We're not corporations ...

There are those who doubt us

They say it can't be done

What we say, we've said before

And that is, 'Yes We Can!'

We will stand together

With hope and dignity

It's not just the rich

It's you and me too

We're the Red, White and Blue

From the streets of Cairo, Egypt

To the shanties in Darfur

They look to us for democracy

Not arms to make more war

It's not about our dollar bill

But strength and guts and will

The world loves Martin Luther King

And the freedom songs we sing

We're not corporations ...

We're not a split nation

Giving rights to the few

We are One America

The Red, White and Blue

We know without thinking

What we need to do

It's right and it's true

It's you and me too

We're the Red, White and Blue"