Friday, January 18, 2013

Tyranny - In All Its Forms

When a national government abuses its temporary electoral advantage to introduce measures that oppress and intimidate ordinary folk, is this tyranny, or is it merely prudent security, in a time of upheaval and danger?

When a state government finds itself in control of both its executive and legislature, and uses the moment to introduce legislation which limits the ability of the opposing party to garner votes, is this tyranny, or is it merely the ebb and flow of fair political gamesmanship?

When an apartment complex, known for being a haven for newly-arrived immigrants, decides it would rather cater to college students, and so ‘upgrades,’ and charges the hard-up immigrants $5,000 each for the privilege, is this tyranny, and backdoor eviction, or is it merely responsible and necessary repair and maintenance?

When the co-op at which you work, which is supposed to support openness, transparency and democracy, manipulates the governance structure to close down channels of communication and inclusive decision-making, is this tyranny, or is it merely good business practice?

And when neighbors, who have been reported incessantly to the Police for holding crack parties in the early hours of the morning, attack your car in retaliation, is this tyranny, or is it merely an acceptable expression of frustration with their disadvantage?

For my sins, I class them all as tyranny. As steps which remove from good folk the voice to which they are entitled. And as such, I speak out equally against all of them.

For those sins, and as of today, I am driving a brand new car, which has engraved all over its hood and side, in foot high letters, the words “Bitch, snitch, faggot.”

A time for reflection.