Wednesday, March 6, 2013

POP VOX: Authentic Interaction

POP VOX is not only fun. It's also a democracy! Yup. You get to help frame how the show develops and evolves and is presented next time (late May-ish). And how YOU are able to interact.

Gigs aren't just about my self-involvement. They are about all of us creating a fun atmosphere of energy and participation. So, please take a moment to answer the following questions - or offer comments of your own. Don't make me get the Van Halen!!

And to help the interaction along, you can view edited videos of the performance (Part I and Part II), shot and edited by POP VOX fan and Weaver Street Consumer-Owner, John Paul Middlesworth:

1) Which evening of the week is best for you?

2) What time?

3) What venue would you prefer?

4) More interaction, or less?

5) More sing-a-long, more dance-a-long?

6) What works best for you - the songs themselves, or the participation (be honest!)?

7) Longer show, shorter, or much the same?

8) Just high-energy songs, or breaks with more lyrical songs?

9) What style of backing track - electro, dance, latin, rock, country (or current mix)?

10) Do you like the Beach theme? Do you want others?

11) Why did you like POP VOX? What would you change (again, this only works if you are honest!)? Will you come again?

Many thanks. Onwards!!