Saturday, May 18, 2013

Preach Local -- Act Local !!

Part promo. Part gentle whine. My work-mate and fellow musician, Steve Carter, is appearing in both parts of a double bill at The Pinhook, Durham this evening.

Well, I say both parts. I'm assuming both parts, 'cos that's what he's done before. He is drummer and collaborator in Dom Casual - Golden Age rock sounds like rockabilly, surf instrumentals and the Brit Invasion. And then he performs vibraphone (did I get that right?) with D-Town Brass.

Ok. That's part of the promo. Now the gentle whine. This afternoon, my very favorite co-op, where I work (in the Southern Village store), is staging a beer release, in concert (geddit?) with our 25th Anniversary.

Here's the thing. Along with Steve, we have a gazillion musicians who work at Weaver Street Market. Which Market jumps up and down, and makes merry hay about buying/using local. Yet, for the musical entertainment, we're 'importing' a musician from somewhere else. Why?

When we have Steve. And Matt McElroy, of Canine Heart Sounds; and Chris Felton of Fanghole. All of whom work at the Southern Village Weave, where the launch will be held.

If they are not available, what about my Brit mate, Pete Pawsey, of Radar's Clowns of Sedation, who works in the Hillsborough Weave? And so on. And so on. And so on. Oh. Perhaps, even me?

So. A shout-out to my co-workers in the WSM corporate office management team: next time, go local. Maybe ... ??