Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weavestock ...

Well. It would appear that, occasionally, the folks in Weaver Street do actually listen to me. There was an item in this week's employee Market Messenger asking all musicians within WSM to contact the WSM marketing department about an idea they are brainstorming.

This, after I wrote to our General Manager in the terms of my previous post about WSM not using its own, homegrown, 'local' musicians for WSM events.

Now, I have no idea what idea the WSM marketing department have in mind. But, my preference would be for a mid-summer, Saturday, Weavestock-style event. Morning, noon and night. Carrboro lawn (with Century Center as back-up rain venue). No audition. If you are with The Weave, and you want to get up there, you're on.

What would it cost to stage and promote? More or less than the additional revenue to the Carrboro Weave? Is this a no-brainer, or what?

Mind you, fellow musician guys and gals, if we want this to be big, splashy, properly organized and widely promoted, we may have to agree to appear for free. I'd be willing. So, get in touch with
, and let her know you're interested. And then. Back to you, marketing department ...