Sunday, June 9, 2013

POP VOX - Thank You - The Cave - June 1

Thank you everyone who came to the gig last evening. I apologize for the fact that everything was not 100%. Flu will do that. But you were magnificent. And I think we all had a blast. Sharing our magic in all sorts of different ways!

There were about 70 folks in total, on and off during the evening. So, we are growing. And again, I emphasize 'we.' You are as much the performers in the interaction as me. And the interaction was outstanding!!

There will be continuing gigs. Plus, I'm going to spend time this summer looking to flesh out the sound, both recorded and live onstage, with some remixing efforts.

So, if you know of someone who makes synth/pop style beats and backing tracks, a sequencer, beatmaker, DJ or producer of dance music with electro-pop sensibilities, please let me know.

In the meantime, if you want to stay in touch with developments with POP VOX, I invite you to follow me on Twitter, or on my POP VOX Facebook Page, or on my ReverbNation site, or even on my brand new Tumblr blog, because I'm told Facebook is so yesterday.

See y'all again, real soon. Hmm. Which reminds me. Time to touch base with the admin office at WSM, to see how my request to appear on the lawn at the Carrboro Weave is progressing, and to find out what is news about 'Weavestock.' Ah well. Many thanks one more time ... !!