Saturday, August 17, 2013

POP VOX @ 2nd Wind, Carrboro

‪#‎POPVOX‬ will be appearing for the first time at 2nd Wind in Carrboro, on Thursday, August 29, beginning at 10.00pm. No cover charge!

You got a foretaste of the excitement at ‪#‎Weavestock‬. But for the full effect of POP VOX's hi-energy, interactive Beach Pop, bring all of your friends to ‪#‎2ndWind‬, in just ten days time!


Now, Facebook have changed everything. Yet again! So, if you want reminding, just 'Join' or 'Maybe.' That's the only way to get updates!

Or, you can 'Like' the POP VOX FB Page --

If you want a preview of the fun and games, have a gander at the POP VOX Reverbnation Site --

See ya there! Get the voices singing and the feet dancing ... !!