Friday, July 26, 2013

Weavestock: Postgame and Thank Yous

Well. The first Weavestock was a huge success. Through the course of the evening, I counted roughly 150 people out there on the Lawn at the Carrboro Weave.

The six acts gelled magnificently. Performed wonderfully. And were all well-received by a supportive and responsive audience.

Thank you to Weaver Street Market for creating the space to allow we employees to demonstrate to the world the other talents we possess.

Thank you to all in the WSM Marketing Department for their tireless efforts and creativity, especially Lesley, Linda, Sylwia, Emily and Brenda.

Thank you to Steve Carter and Sean Murphy for co-ordinating the acts, and providing such an excellent sound service.

Thank you to the acts, and thank you to the excellent WSM audience.

Finally, a huge thank you in advance to the folks at WSM who will be making the decision to make this now a regular and ongoing event ... !!