Saturday, March 29, 2014

'Garden & Gun' For Sale In WSM

Really? I mean. Really?

This was my first, middle and last thought before writing this post, as Dayton struggle with Florida in their NCAA Men's Basketball match-up, this quiet Saturday evening.

We, the premier grocery co-op in the southeastern United States, who pride ourselves (I hope) on putting principle ahead of penny, morality ahead of money, we who were one of the first to place on the front door of all of our units the 'no guns allowed' sign, after the Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature this past year permitted folks to wear hidden weapons on their person ...

... we are now selling the magazine 'Garden & Gun'? Really?!?

But it sells well. So what? Why don't we see how well it does? Why? It's not really a gun magazine. Then why does it have the word 'gun' in the title? It's more of a southern culture magazine. When it features ads and articles on hunting? Killing?

If we are this desperate for money, then someone needs to be fired. If we are this unconcerned about principle, then we need to strike the word 'co-operative' from our title. If we have become so reduced that we no longer lead, we merely follow, then something needs to change. Fast.

Unbelievable. I mean. Bloody unbelievable.