Friday, March 7, 2014

Weavestock 2 ??

I have just written to the higher-ups within Weaver Street Market Co-operative - whose beneficence is exceeded only by their good looks (yes, I'm in suck up mode) - to see if it is too early to start thinking about Weavestock 2.

You remember Weavestock. Last July. An evening of musical acts, on the Carrboro Weave Lawn, in response to the suggestion that a co-op which places such premium on 'local' really should be giving a platform to its own 'local' musical talent, i.e. musical acts with at least one member hailing from WSM.

Huge fun had by all. Musical acts. Audience. Everyone. So. Let's do it again.

If you want it to happen - whether as an act, a member of the audience, or just someone who thinks it's a bloody good idea, and ought to happen again - please write to Linda Fullwood, Events Co-ordinator with WSM (, and let her know.

One idea we were tossing around was having performance art beyond merely music. If you think that is a good idea, again, write to Linda and let her know.

I know I spend a lot of time advocating to encourage our community co-op to be a more responsive commercial entity. This is one respect in which they did respond. Handsomely. Let's let 'em know how grateful we are, and that we would love to see them respond just as generously all over again.

Er. That's code for: everyone write please - Linda can't get too many e-mails.