Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weavestock II - In the WSM 'Market Messenger' ...

Do NOT throw away your WSM employee Market Messenger this week. And DO remember to read it.

The first invitation for WSM employees to perform along with their mates at Weavestock II will be in this week's Market Messenger (which for those of you who don't pay too much attention (!) is the newsletter you get along with your paycheck this Thursday).

If for some reason you miss it, and you think you'd like to do something at Weavestock II (doesn't have to be music; it can be any performance art), then drop a line to Steve Carter (Weavestock Head Honcho - steve.c@weaverstreetmarket.coop) or Linda Fullwood (WSM Events Organizer - linda@weaverstreetmarket.coop) to let them know that you are interested, what you will be doing, and what are your performing requirements (special sound needs, equipment, dancing sea lions, etc).

I believe the tentative planning is for Weavestock II to be held at the end of July. Depending on how many people respond, it will be either a Thursday evening, or a Sunday, on the Carrboro Weave lawn.

Tell all your mates. I'm excited ... !!