Friday, August 1, 2014

Weavestock 2 -- THANKS !!

Thank you all at Weaver Street Market for making #Weavestock2 [] a huge success, weather notwithstanding.

Thanks to those who let it happen. To the marketing staff for organizing and promoting it. To all the good folk who turned up to support The Weave's employees in their musical acts - I reckon a crowd of about 150. And to all those acts for sharing their magic with us.

I'm sorry the rain finally intervened to prevent #ThreeTorches from performing. But a little birdie tells me that space is being made for them to perform in September.

So. Onto next year. When my biggest wish is that two years of success will encourage more artists from other units within Weaver Street to want to join the bandwagon.

Bottom line? This was and is our co-op acting at its best. Coming together, as a community, to support community. Thank you.