Sunday, February 1, 2015

Carrboro, Citizens, Policing - Anarchist Humor

Well, I've been posting updates on the Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro [] listserv of the attempts a bunch of us are making to involve ordinary citizens in the shaping of policing policy in Carrboro, NC.

Quite a few folks have expressed interest. But there are one or two die-hard radicals who, for reasons best known to them, have been vehemently dismissive of the concept of citizen design of policing.

The irony has been that I, the reformed British Conservative Party pol from some thirty years back, have been the one saying citizens should decide, cut the red tape, let's prove what can be done. And it is one, especially vocal, purported radical who has been quoting statute, authority and regulation in denigrating the efforts to have citizen policing. Interesting irony, huh?

In any event, the one saving grace is that the radical in question, when he started losing the argument, decided to spend quite a bit of time producing hilarious memes, which I share. I guess it beats throwing rocks ...