Friday, February 13, 2015

Slack Is As Slack Does

The continuing saga of digital communication (Slack) and employee inclusion within Weaver Street Market Co-operative.

In our most recent WSM employee Market Messenger, we employees were finally told what this new digital communication within WSM is all about. Good thing. Since we were not involved in the decision to implement it. Occasion for a further missive to our General Manager:

"Hey Ruffin,

Thank you for the explanation about Slack in the WSM employee 'Market Messenger' today. I get that it is a communication tool to help relay WSM operational information. My department manager very kindly took the time to explain that to me after the e-mail I sent to you on January 27. The explanation from you both still does little to allay my concern that it was yet one more decision taken without involving employees, in contravention of WSM co-op policy.

That said, while I remain grateful for being told what Slack is for, I want us to be clear about is what it is not. It is not a tool of accountability for decisions taken by WSM management. It is not a policy-making forum. It is not a substitute for department meetings and store meetings. And it is not a substitute for implementation of the WSM co-op policy that demands that all employees be involved in the making of decisions which affect their workplace and employment.

In regards to the latter, I am a little disappointed not to have seen any indication of what I thought we had agreed at our meeting, namely, some effort to invite employees to offer their input on what implementing that co-op policy should should look like, in terms of processes and structures. Are we going to see something soon?

All the best,

We chip away. Sigh. We chip away ...

[Usual caveats: I am not responsible for the groundhog declaring six more weeks of winter. It's not my fault WSM is not planning to build a new outlet in Havana. And these are my views, no-one else's.]