Saturday, March 14, 2015

Worker Input, Elections and Ownership

I know that my fellow WSM co-worker buddies can always find something more useful to do with the WSM employee Market Messenger other than actually reading it.

But this time, this week, please read your MM. It is full of ways for workers to make a difference in the co-op we half-own.

First up, the survey inviting us (finally) to design how we workers want to be included in decision-making in our co-op is here. Details in the MM.

The best part is that your manager has to make time for you, on the clock, to complete the survey online.

You have to fill it in before March 23. And peeps. If you don't offer your views, then you're going to get an input process designed by someone else.

Next up, invitation for folks to become a Worker-Owner Director. Oh, but I'm not qualified. Bollocks. If you spend more than five minutes a week thinking you know how to make WSM work better, then you're as qualified as anyone on the Board. That's the beauty of co-operatives: we're all equal.

If you're not yet a Worker-Owner, and you want to share in the profits you earn, to vote or even, one day, to stand for the Board, ask your manager how to become a Worker-Owner.

We say we want fairness, to be involved, to have a say. Some of us worked really hard to make The Weave more of a co-op, where workers can have a voice. But you have to take part to exercise that voice.

Read the Market Messenger this week to find out how ...