Friday, May 1, 2015

Economic Democracy On WCHL

Yes. Those were my dulcet English tones gently wafting through the ether courtesy of WCHL's 'Commentators' section at the crack of dawn the other morning [you can read the text here]. Of course, I wasn't up in the wee hours. Heck no. I like my sleep. I recorded this yesterday. At a sensible hour.
And so it was that WCHL very kindly, if a little unwisely, invited me to declaim about the lack of economic democracy in our local grocery co-op, where I am a worker-owner. And so. I did.
Of course, I maintain that I accept these offers in order to slay the dragons of oppression, advance the cause of people's rights, and fight for freemen and freewomen everywhere. But really, I'm just hoping that my soft English purr will get me a date.
However. No date to date. Just the whine about Weaver Street Market's style of financial decision-making. Which, to be fair, is always worth a good whine. Sigh. But hey. Who knows ... ??