Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Employee Communications Survey - In Full

Well, here's a thing. I was going to link to the survey results in full, in case my fellow co-workers did not know where to find them. But I can't. Because the WSM powers-that-shouldn't-be have designated those results an 'internal document.' And they passed a policy a couple of years ago to stop folks like me (well, just me!) publishing documents which I believed (and still believe) should be seen by owners, consumers and workers. Huh. So much for whistle-blowing. In a co-op, for crying out loud.

So. For any and all fellow WSM co-workers, go onto your break-room computer, bring up the web, you will see about three tabs on the screen that comes up, one is for Weaver Street Wiki, go to that, first document at the top is the Communication Survey results. And that must qualify as the longest narrative online link in history. In a bloody co-op, for crying out loud.

In the meantime, and anecdotally only, God forbid I should share anything verbatim from an internal document (where is Edward Snowden when you need him?), I find most interesting just how many responses there are saying things like: we want to be involved in all decision-making affecting the workplace, and when we make suggestions, er, could we actually see someone paying attention?

Nice to know it's not just me saying this. And it isn't. Because I very deliberately did not take part in the survey, precisely so that the powers-that-should-not-be could not turn around and say, well, that's just Geoff speaking.

Moving along, it is also hilarious reading the obvious submissions from managers. Like, gee, I think my department and store manager do a fine job of soliciting my opinion on issues where my input would be useful. In a co-op, for crying out loud.

People, co-op policy demands that we workers decide what decisions it is that we want input on, not managers. We are a co-op. With a co-op policy that states, baldly, that workers should be involved in all decision-making that affects our workplace, our pay and our benefits. Period.

In any event, the survey results make very interesting reading. WSM management have promised to publish further summaries (LOL) of those results in upcoming employee 'Market Messengers.' We'll see. We'll also see if, on this occasion, they do actually pay any attention to our feedback ...