Thursday, October 1, 2015

Board Election Results 2015

I attach the full results of the Worker-Owner Director Election here. And by the way, we are getting the full results because I asked for them.

Congratulations to Charles. My commiserations to Caitlyn. And my thanks to Curt for his six year's of service.

Comment time.

Please note that the incumbent Worker-Owner Director and the incumbent Consumer-Owner Director were both replaced.

WSM corporate office take note. The natives are restless. We don't like being shut out of decision-making. And we're flexing our muscles. At last.

Worker-owners take note. Charles promised to create the space for all workers to be heard on our Board. Hold him to his promise. Don't let him rest. Get his contact details, and chase him all the time.

And. Next year. Do the same again. Vote for the candidate who talks about democracy in our democratic co-op.

Consumer-owners take note. Stop voting for candidates who think that we're a co-op because we stock local food, drink craft beer and dance on a bloody lawn.

We are a co-op because we are supposed to subscribe to the notion that, as part of economic democracy, we prevent corporatism, by supporting a system where the owners democratically control our co-op, not a small group of self-appointed corporatists in Hillsborough.

So. Please find candidates next year who include the word 'democracy' in their election addresses at least as many times as they mention the word 'lawn.'

In that way, in less than two years, we can have on our Board of seven people at least four people who actually want WSM to act like a co-op.

The power lies in our hands. That is what these election results tell us. And yes, this is a shout-out to the likes of Neil Shock, Albert Huey, Daniel Edward Duffy, Gabriele Pelli and Elizabeth Du Bosc, among others.

One more comment. I don't say this to gloat. But to comment. I've been on the receiving end of seven election losses in my life. I know what it is like.

But Curt received 22 votes. The WSM management bloc vote has always been a steady 35-40 votes. This year, that bloc vote splintered.

I do not believe it was judgment on Curt. Look, Curt has always known I've thought he was a management stooge. No surprise there. But, he was a good management stooge. So, why ditch him?

I think the WSM corporate office voted for Curt, along with some personal votes and certain senior outpost managers. But I think the middle and lower-level managers, in the outposts, I think they are restless too.

I think they are as pissed as we workers at not being involved in decision-making. Pissed at the over-centralization of power. Pissed at ever-increasing demands for a vision of which they are not a part.

Um. Welcome to our world, guys and gals. Maybe now, in addition to voting for a non-management stooge, you'd like to get behind my campaign to have all workers involved in major decision-making?

Or. Sigh. Does your being pissed off only extend to your not being included? Are we mere grunts still too stupid to be involved as well?

Ah well. Yay for today. Yay for our co-op. Yay for democracy. Charles, I'll be haunting you ...