Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Legitimate Authority

I know that some of my pronouncements about our very favorite grocery co-op are a tad esoteric at the moment. But suffice to say, there's some stuff going on.

It has to do with double standards, anger in the workplace, the work experience being fulfilling and legitimate authority.

I'm going to have to invite you to wander back through the last couple of days to get the context. More than that is going to stay private for the moment, in the hopes we may achieve meaningful resolution.

But I'm going to throw out one more thought for those who are able so far to make any sense of what this is all about - most likely only fellow workers at The Weave. And it is this.

Authority is not automatically granted simply because someone says it is so, especially in a co-op, where all are equal. It arises from the consistent, fair and legitimate application of rules and policy, properly arrived at, transparent and clear.

If rules and policy are arrived at by a process that is not legitimate, they lose authority, if they had any in the first place. If they are applied unfairly and/or inconsistently, then ditto.

And, um. That will do for the moment ...