Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Employees (2)

The WSM corporate office management team last week sent all employees a memo reminding us that happy employees are those who treat each other with respect.

Hmm. With respect guys (and gals), happy employees are those who are treated with respect by those we choose (in our supposedly equal and democratic co-op) to manage us.

I'm not stupid. I get that we all want happy customers. And that happy customers are the consequence of happy employees. But you don't get happy employees just because someone in a carpet-lined office demands it. You have to earn it.

It's really very simple. If those whom we have granted the privilege of managing us would only design processes that fully empower us to make the decisions that affect us, and then reward us meaningfully, instead of wasting our hard-earned profits on useless vanity projects, then we would respond willingly and happily with fantastic productivity and excellent customer service.