Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Employees (3)

Continuing my commentary on the leaflet that the WSM corporate office management team attached to the employee Market Messenger this past week, the one that said it is the responsibility of employees to make themselves happy at work.

Here is an article stating quite baldly that it is the job of those we choose to manage and govern us in a democratic and equal co-op, it is their job to create conditions that make employees feel respected and fulfilled.

Hmm. Must be written by a bunch of nutters? Why no. It is the Consulting Group WSM has used to advise our Board of Directors, one of whom used to be a Consultant with said Group. Well, imagine that.

Maybe our elders/betters/those with more Easter chocolate than the rest of us (take your pick) should pay attention to those they hire at great cost (our cost, by the way) to advise them? Er. Leaving aside the fact that said elders could probably get more sensible answers about what we workers want to fulfill us by simply asking us.

At the same time as they sack the bloody Mystery Shop firm, which just annoys us. Maybe?