Saturday, July 20, 2013

POP VOX Unplugged

Emily Buehler, from the WSM Marketing Department, very kindly hung around in the 90 degree heat at the second Southern Village Weaver Street Market Wine Down, and shot a video of me singing 'Falling in Love,' one of my more Unplugged love songs.

Of course, what the heck does Unplugged mean when one is still connected to a plug? Well. In my case, it means the mellow version of my POP VOX act. One without the hi-energy Beach Pop, and what some describe as my Richard Simmons-style, audience-interactive stage performance!

And what is that like? Here's a sample. And you can find more at and on the POP VOX Facebook Page.

More to the point, you can hear the whole kit and kaboodle to full effect at Weavestock, the evening of Weaver Street Market musicians taking place on The Lawn, at the Carrboro WSM, this coming Thursday (July 25), from 5.00pm to 9.00pm.

Weavestock: If you're not there, you won't have anything to say you can't remember ... !!