Saturday, July 19, 2014

Byron Wall for WSM Worker-Owner Director 2014

I'll say it, because Byron [see his YouTube interview] is far too much the gentleman to say it himself. And I'm just blunt. The current incumbent Worker-Owner Directors on the Board of Weaver Street Market Co-operative have, in their time on the Board, done absolutely nothing to reach out to the workers they are supposed to represent, to engage with them, discover what they want, then represent their interests in Board meetings, and fight every day to ensure that all staff are included in the decision-making within WSM, which is our right according to WSM Employee Policy.

Byron has specific proposals for maintaining regular contact with all WSM workers, and then for raising their issues in Board meetings. And he is dedicated to working for more democratic inclusion of all employees within the decision-making processes in the co-op we all love. That is why I will be voting for him in the WSM Worker-Owner Director Election in a couple of weeks.

Now, I can't stop fellow workers from treating this Election like a beauty contest, and voting for someone just because they know him or her. But I can and will say this. I think it is time we all started exercising our votes with a little more maturity. A vote isn't about getting someone to buy you a drink. It's about our democratic rights. Not just yours. Not just mine. But also the many workers in our co-op, who, through no fault of their own, can still not afford to buy Worker-Ownership, and with it, the right to vote. Vote for them.