Friday, July 4, 2014

Worker-Owner Dividend 2014 [Part 2]

So. The WSM employee Market Messenger comes out today, talking about the worker-owner dividend, but mentioning nothing about my letter to the WSM General Manager requesting compliance by him with the co-op policy which requires that all workers be involved in the decisions that set the profit for The Weave for 2014, and then set the worker-owner dividend itself.

You guessed it. Chasing letter to our GM. With the red version to follow, if I do not get a response. I'm serious about managers complying with co-op policy. Especially on a day when I and my fellow WSM employees are working July 4, with no time and a half:

"Hey Ruffin,

It may well be that you are working out the details of how to comply with co-op policy and design the process for giving all staff the information they need to be able then to be properly involved in making the decisions that set the profit for 2014 and then the worker-owner dividend for 2014.

But I note that the employee Market Messenger today states that the dividend will be announced in the Annual Report. That may well be the case, but the statement says nothing about the process of staff involvement beforehand.

I want to make this very clear. If the worker-owner dividend is announced without compliance with the co-op policy which requires that all staff be involved in the setting of the worker-owner dividend, which setting naturally includes our being involved in the setting of the profit, then I will immediately institute process claiming that every single manager in WSM is in breach of co-op policy, and requiring disciplinary action, and I will raise the matter at the annual meeting.

For your information, I set out a post I recently uploaded, which goes into more detail, and is pretty much self-explanatory:

All the best,