Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Annual Employee Unit Meetings, Pay, New Outlets, Food House

Yup. It's that time of the year again. Annual WSM Employee Unit Meetings. Followed by pay reviews. For me, this year, the two are linked. Due to my continuing campaign to have WSM comply with its policy to involve employees in decision-making that affects the workplace. Fairly self-explanatory e-mail to WSM General Manager, Ruffin Slater:

"Hey Ruffin,

Following our conversation at the Co-op Plan Event, I'd like to give you notice of two questions I will be trying to ask at the SV Annual Store Meeting this coming Sunday (August 16):

1) You know that I have been advocating these past couple of years for WSM to comply with the employee co-op policy that states that employees should be included in decisions that affect them. In this regard, and as I told you, I was really quite heartened by much of what has happened this past year, with the Survey and the Co-op Plan Event. I also told you that, specifically, I would be turning my attention to employees being involved in the decisions which determine what happens to the co-op profit, which they help to create. And so, at the Store Meeting, I would be grateful if you could address my question which is, what will you be doing before the next Store Meeting to ensure that employees are involved in the decisions that determine what happens with the co-op profit, and specifically, what will be done to ensure that employees are involved in the decision which determines how much of that profit will be allocated to pay increases?

2) My second question concerns the continuing suggestions that WSM is planning more outlets. You will remember that, at the Board discussion on this Goal, a number of Food House workers attended, to make it quite clear that, in their opinion, the Food House was not in a position to service any more outlets at that time. It is my information this remains the position. I will be asking if you can confirm that this is your view also. And that, before any planning for new outlets gets under way, Food House employees will be fully consulted as to whether or not they feel they will be able to service new outlets at that time.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

All the best,