Sunday, August 16, 2015

WSM Aline Card

I have already expressed misgivings about the WSM move from paychecks to either direct deposit or an Aline card.

I want control over my money, when I deposit and where. So, I will not be going direct deposit. My worry about the Aline card is having to pay fees. I was told we wouldn't. Sigh. We will.

Letter to WSM Human Resources Manager (and BTW, this is why, in a worker-consumer co-op, we have a policy which states that employees must be involved in decision-making - namely, that in an institution which is supposed to practice economic democracy, that policy protects us from the sort of worker-thoughtless decisions that Wal-Mart makes):

"Hey Deborah,

I finally got a definitive answer from my bank (PNC) Friday. They do not allow deposit of Aline money over the counter. You cash at one of their ATM's and then deposit. And, since the Aline card is not PNC, there will be a $3.50 charge every time I draw cash on the Aline card.

I do feel that employees should be told this in the Market Messenger. I will still want an Aline card. But I would like confirmation that each paycheck will reflect the cost of getting my money off the Aline card.

All the best,