Thursday, August 27, 2015

Worker-Owner Board Director Election 2015

For what it is worth, I will be voting for Caitlin Moira Williams in the upcoming election for a Worker-Owner Board Director of Weaver Street Market Co-operative.

We have exchanged. She wants dialogue in our co-op. I've been looking for meaningful dialogue since I first became active in WSM 'politics' in 2007. And I find her commentary more compelling than the other two candidates.

Now, I do say, for what it is worth. I fully realize that my support is the kiss of death among the 40 or so managers in our co-op.

But folks, thanks to the campaign I waged since 2007, which led to it becoming easier to become a worker-owner, some 220 of the 250 workers in our co-op are now worker-owners.

Ordinary workers more than overwhelm managers in this election. So, please do not sit on the sidelines.

Vote for a candidate who comes from somewhere other than the corporate office, and who will truly represent shopfloor workers, because she is one of us.

Please take especial note. Voting begins on September 16. BUT. The voting period lasts only two weeks. So, don't get caught out!