Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pay Raises (Whichever Number It Is) ...

Heard back. Still not Ruffin. The reply included the following:

"Your raises have been:

2007 -- Sept 2.

2008 -- Nov 3. [Great Recession -my observation]

2009 -- No raises for anyone. [GR]

2010 -- Nov 21. [GR]

2011 -- Sept 11.

2012 -- Sept 9.

2013 -- Sept 8.

In determining the date for this year, it was lined up with the beginning of the second quarter. And as Ruffin discussed with everyone in the meetings, WSM keeps working to give raises that are better than the national average (which has been around 2% for the last several years), increase our new hire rate and move up our overall average."

I responded:

"Kind of a mixed bag of tricks. I know we were subject to backwash from the Recession in 2008, 2009, possibly even 2010. What is clear is that before that, and for the three years after, pay raises kicked in at the beginning of September.

While I understand what you say, it is the very premise of what you say with which I disagree. When it comes to Pay and Benefits (and not only these issues), according to co-op policy, it should not merely be Ruffin making those decisions. Those decisions should involve us also.

All employees should be privy to the same financial information, so that, again, in accordance with co-op policy, we may all meaningfully be involved in choosing the priorities and making the decisions that affect us in our workplace.

Where to from here?

Sooner or later, there has to be a discussion about this co-op policy. To me, it is clear. But senior management seems to think it can simply ignore it.

I can either go heavy and specific, and begin with filing a formal complaint that management from my immediate manager, through the chain to Ruffin, are in contravention of co-op policy in making a decision about when pay raises kick in that did not include employees. This will almost certainly end up before the Board.

You can decide to back-date pay to the pay date previous to September 21, that is closest to the beginning of September.

Or you can take a wider view, and decide to engage in the process I suggested at the SV store meeting, and which I have canvassed before. That we now finish the process of 2007, and either hold a full consultation process on setting guidelines for how employees are involved in decision-making, or form a Task Force to the same end.

I think I would like these three points to be specifically addressed to begin with. And thank you for taking the time to research my previous question.

All the best,

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