Monday, October 20, 2014

POP VOXX Recording Update

Right. Well, as most of you know, I spent this past week having the drumming tracks laid down for my CD of songs. This is actually a bigger deal than at first it appears.

It's not just about having some bloke come in and tap out beats for a couple of hours, and then pop off home. Oh no.

This process began several months ago, when the songs, in the sound I wished them performed, existed only in my head.

First thing we had to do was get them out of my head, and create digital production sequences, where you could hear the drum beat required, in the context of something approximating my sound. Which by the way, I have now decided will be called either DubBeat or EDR (Electronic Dance Rock).

So, I sits down with my two Nightsound Studios producers, Chris Wimberley and Adrianna Villa, and they very, very patiently spend many sessions listening to me change my mind week on week. After which, Adrianna created magic out of Logic.

Once we had the sequences, my recording engineers, Meghan Puryear and Geneva Walata, helped to produce drum guides, so that the poor drummer could wade through my sequences, with some idea of where he was going. Meghan and Geneva also spent a lot of time helping me to experiment with the layered vocal effect I'm going for.

My chosen drummer, Rob J. DiMauro, of Skinny Bag Of Sugar fame, popped in and listened to all of the tracks, asked some sensible questions (can I leave now?), and we were all set for the week of drumming.

Tuesday - set up. Seven hours of carefully arranging two sets of drums (one disco-tuned, the other rock-tuned), a fistful of microphones, and all manner of wires.

Wednesday and Thursday - the actual recording. When the Nightsound team and Rob were stars. And I disgraced myself by being the nanny prima donna.

And. We now have six tracks of the most incredible drumming. For six dance songs that will blow your socks off.

Many thanks to all. For your skill. Your dedication. And your patience. Onto the next step. I think Rob has decided to take a cruise through Hurricane Gonzalo, for peace and quiet. Compared to the little English dictator ...