Monday, October 20, 2014

Where Are Our Pay Reviews (Raises)? - Part 2

So. No response from the WSM General Manager, Ruffin Slater, to my e-mail to him of September 22. And still no pay reviews, or raises - which normally kick-in beginning of September. Yup. Another lunch break e-mail. And please bear in mind, one more time, all of this chasing is done on my time, not WSM's:

"Hey Ruffin,

It may be that you are about to write to me. But I do not yet have a response to my e-mail of September 22.

I do not think it fair for me to have to confront my pay review manager about this as and when. After all, he is not the person who made the relevant decisions. So, I would be grateful if you would respond to this e-mail yourself.

Same question, with a supplement, to avoid drag-out. When will our pay reviews be taking place? And will our pay raises be back-dated to what I believe is the normal date each year fro our pay raises to kick in, namely the beginning of September?

In respect of the latter, if there is some disagreement over the latter claim, I wonder if you would be so good as to ask Deborah to produce for your response the date for the past eight years of my employment on which my pay raise kicked in.

As I am sure you will already understand, if there is no back payment, or it is to a date that is not commensurate with those previous eight years, I am going to claim that a decision was made to change the nature of our pay raises, and since it was made in contravention of the co-op policy demanding that we be included in such decisions, it has no standing, and our pay raises should back-date to the usual kick-in date.

All the best,