Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Worker-Owner Director Election Result 2014

Democracy has spoken. Congratulations to Jon. Commiserations to Byron. If you did not vote, you got the result you chose. The turnout was 39%. The turnout for the Scottish Referendum was 86%.

Democracy is democracy. Co-op policy is co-op policy. I campaigned successfully for five years to change co-op policy (finally, in 2011) to make it easier for workers in WSM to become worker-owners, so that they would have the right to vote for Directors on the WSM Board who truly represented them.

As a consequence, since then, out of a total workforce of about 250, worker-ownership has increased from 100 to 192. 74 of those voted in this year's Worker-Owner Director Election.

It is co-op policy that all employees (not just worker-owners) be involved in the major decisions that affect them and their workplace. I have been campaigning for about two years now for this specific policy to be fully implemented within WSM.

That campaign will continue, as I pursue our WSM General Manager and the WSM Board this next year, to set up a process allowing workers to design a system whereby we are all regularly included in major decision-making, in accordance with co-op policy.