Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Durham Co-op

Congratulations to the Durham Co-op! It's been a long time coming. Just remember. You're not a grocery store with a conscience and tattoo's. You're a co-op. Economic democracy in action. Don't forget the democracy.

There has been some discussion in my own co-op, Weaver Street Market Co-op, about our building more stores. I have all sorts of operational problems with creating such an empire. But mostly I'm opposed in principle because a co-op is supposed to be a community organization.

I define community as pretty much sticking my head out the front door, having a good look around, screaming 'grubs up,' and whoever turns up is 'community.' Durham is not 'community' to Carrboro or Hillsborough or Southern Village. In fact, those three conurbations aren't even 'community' to each other. But that's a discussion for another time.

Co-op's work best when there is an intimate relationship between a co-op and its community. Durham's community is Durham. So, I am delighted they formed their own co-op. And did not settle for a branch office of WSM.

That said, WSM has provided a measure of assistance to the Durham Co-op. And will likely be continuing to provide foodstuffs from our Food House. I am proud of that co-operative support - provided it is not putting too much strain on my fellow co-workers in the WSM Food House.

Best of luck, Durham. Sorry you have to support the Blue Devils, and not the Tar Heels ...