Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weavestock 3, Pop Voxx, EP Update, Hugh Swaso

Another nudge to all my Weaver Street Market art, performance and musician co-workers. Discussions about #‎Weavestock3‬ are underway. Please let folks know soonest if you want to take part.

Pop Voxx / Geoff Gilson will be appearing. The six-song EP is coming along in leaps and bounds. Last Friday, we laid down the first guitar tracks with Hugh Swaso (of Skinny Bag Of Sugar), on 'Road To Love.' 'Call Out My Name' this week.

We are building the sound, people. Forget Daft, Taylor, Katy, Ronson, Max and Pharrell. We are talking the heaviest drum and bass (stolen from the depths of Club Valhalla), overlain with piano and synth straight out of the Eighties, with a hint of, yes, is that Nintendo (?), matched with anthemic guitar, sax and magisterial vocals, all with a sprinkling of trademark Geoff twitch, pulse, dance, sass and humor.

All undertaken by the remarkable team at Nightsound Studios - Chris Wimberley, Adrianna Villa (it be they two, plus me, plus Hugh in the pics attached - ooh, arr!!), Meghan Puryear and Geneva Walata. Coming soon to an EP release party/showcase near you. Well, likely July/August. With a ... wait for it ... full band. Which I am just beginning to work on. Nerves. Asking people. I'm still doing the not-worthy thing. Me. Or the songs. Why do emotional issues have to plague everything?! Sigh. I will get there. Got this far! Don't you like how I share everything?

Anyways, and in the meantime, as I say, Pop Voxx will be at Weavestock 3. But for that gig, it will still be me, the Casio, you, the dances. Oh. And don't think that because PV is going uptown, it won't still be interactive. It will be. Just interactive with mega-wattage ... !!

So fellow Weaverites, don't be shy. Let Steve Carter or Linda Fullwood (Linda@weaverstreetmarket.coop) know you are interested, and let's get the party rolling ... !!