Thursday, June 4, 2015

Indy 2015 Awards, Bakery, Bread, Pies and Canine Heart Sounds

Huge shout-out to all my co-workers at the Weaver Street Market Co-op Food House in Hillsborough, NC, for winning separate Indy (Indy Week) 2015 Awards for their Bread, the Bakery and their Pies. Well done!

I also note that my very good friends in Canine Heart Sounds have been honored by being chosen as one of the bands to perform at one of the Indy Award parties. Congratulations! CHS will be performing at the first of two such parties, on June 6th, at Person Street Bar, in Raleigh.

CHS will also, by the way, be performing this coming Friday, at 9pm, at The Cave, on Franklin Street, in Chapel Hill. Along with The Wyrms, featuring co-worker and friend, Derek Gude.

I will be arriving with a filthy right hand, which I promise no longer to wash, since I have touched every member of CHS (Matt McElroy, Matt Peterson, Zach Hegg and Dan Westerlund) with its index finger - some more intimately than others ...

In the meantime, with all this honoring going on, I couldn't help but engage in a little teasing, and wonder whether our old FIFA mate Sepp might not have had something to do with handing out all the honors and awards. I mean, were backhanders involved? Right or left hand. I know. Wash my mouth ...